Our Story

 2020 what a year huh!?

By-Mishco was thought up while I was stuck (love you Mum n Dad) In Bulls awaiting my Covid test results. Realizing I could not leave the house until I got the all clear and seeing increasing advice for the use of face masks in public I decided to make my own - but it had to be cute of course!

That's where the concept of a face mask + scrunchie combo came into fruition. Pandemic, but make it fashion!

With a background in working in the fashion industry and a bit of spare time on my hands I decided to give my idea a shot. With the support from various friends, family, strangers and quite a few orders within the space of hours It quickly became apparent I needed to scale up.

Having experienced job loss due to Covid 19 myself I wanted to find women in the same situation as myself to get on board and make the best out of an average situation.

So here we are in the space of a week we are ready to launch with an amazing bunch of machinists ready to whip up your By Mishco face mask and scrunchie combos.

Of course I couldn't have even dreamed of starting this wee project without the backing of:
 My wonderful husband who just now gave me a crash course in Shopify and told me I can do this, Mum and Dad for letting me use their power while creating the first mask orders, Gen for being my model/photographer, my sewing gang who jumped on board no questions asked to help a stranger, Frostex Textiles, Trendy Trims, my sister Moe for helping me with supplies, The Academy, Redbull, Mc-Donalds drive thru..
And all you amazing people who have purchased from me.


Stay Safe & Stay Stylish x